Goodmorning HERO Mechatronics!

HERO Mechatronics is a newly born Italian Company, founded in March 2018. We are a team of technicians, scientists and engineers. Our motto is:

When others back down, we stand up

For industires that want an edge on their market competitors, thanks to innovation and advanced technology, our team is available for world class services and products in the field of mechatronics. Unlike competitor’s teams, ours is trained to face challanges that had never faced before, thanks to faith and positivity, typical of those who do problem solving for a job

HERO Mechatronics SRL

Via Mulini 114 – 25039 Travagliato (BS)

VAT Reg N IT03990640983

  • Research and Development

    We design everything with mathemathical rigidity and passion, because our objective is perfection

  • Mechatronics Manufacturing

    We are able to offer construction service of robots and machines for innovation and industry

  • Consultancy and Supervision

    All our knowledge is at the service of companies and privates that have a mechatronics project

  • Electronics and Programming

    We develop and program all our boards personally in order to offer you unique products

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