HeroCore ONE patent pending

Hero Mechatronics is about to release a new concept in the field of electronics development for both, education and industry. Below you can see one of the chapters of the patent description that we submitted.
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Field of application

HeroCore is a microcontroller of small size that can run the main program of machines and devices equipped with high technology, and handle most peripherals of common usage. The machines and devices it aims to control, with or without its extensions, are: Unmanned vehicles for all terrains, atmospheres, above and under-water or other liquids; Anthropomorphic robot instructions handling; Immobile machines targeted to industrial production; Home automation projects with remote control (internet of things) capability and smart home electronics; Scientific remote apparatus for on field data collection and fast pinged interaction with the surroundings via multiple types of networks, and for long endurance off-grid projects; Additive and subtractive manufacturing control, such as 3D printing and milling, for hobbyists, industry, and medical; Educational purposes for learning how to use microcontrollers, thanks to its ease of use and onboard human targeted interactions and feedbacks; Monitoring of remote small and medium business activity via smart devices on multiple types of networks and human interfaces; Automotive purposes such as smart cars and electric vehicles; Large scale monitoring of agricultural projects with multiple nodes and matrices of field units; Hobby RC model control and handling of navigation sensors as well as the instructions for motors to achieve highly reactive navigation aid; Projects of vintage technology replication and artistic projects with homemade parts and assembly, such as 8 bit games, artistic lamps, vintage appliances; Home and self security and protection; Multicore (multiple HeroCores) processing for neural network applications, artificial intelligences for detection, quality control, scientific research, and machine learning.

The market of HeroCore is a society that wants more integration of devices with human activities and proliferation of education in the field of mechatronics. It is for a society that can create and profoundly interact with machines, rather than just listen to them, or use them.

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